QEPOS has a proven track record for developing the most productive e-commerce systems that truly do deliver a Return on Investment. Our systems are integrated with a total sales psychology that is applied in the online world, only the development and planning team at QEPOS can truly understand your business and put your goals and ambitions to action.  QEPOS has a portfolio of fully content managed e-commerce products that can put you in the ecommerce frame at a far rapid pace.

QEPOS’s ecommerce solution helps multi-channel retailers sell more online via their ecommerce store. The ecommerce module can be used independently or as part of the QEPOS multi-channel retail system. QEPOS Solution seamlessly integrates an Electronic Point of Sale system (EPoS) and E-commerce solution that allows any retailer to optimise their route to market, whilst using one single retail system to manage all aspects of their business.

With the QEPOS E-commerce solution, you use one product file, one customer file and the same stock across all your sales channels in real time. The ecommerce solution simplifies and streamlines a retailer’s business. It puts an end to those frustrating orders for stock that doesn’t exist and no more separate customer files, allowing retailers to make the most of their ecommerce store.




We have got our own in-house developer team and we design the software according to the customer need. We offer complete EPoS Software Solution for Retail Businesses, HotFood TakeAway, Bar & Restaurants, Cash n Carry and many more. We have developed our each software very carefully considering customer requirement. At the same time as it’s our own product we can customise our products to satisfy our customer's need.

We have team of programmers who can design the software according to your requirement. We charge only small amount of deposit to start with any project and we take the remaining amount once the product is fully tested by our technical experts and by our customers too. At Qepos Solution our customer's satisfaction is our highest priority.

Our EPoS Solution is has been designed considering each small aspects and requirements for all the businesses. We have designed very strong interface though very each to use and understand. Our EPoS Solution provides very accurate reports according to the business need which enable you to make strategic business decisions, stronger Stock Management & Control tools, accurate & safe financial information, staff management and many more, which not just increase the profit but also helps to get business transparency with peace of mind. 




We have a wide range of business services, from simple configuration issues to complete office set-ups, Networking, Server installation & upgrade and Web development. We offer a range of services from a simple 'per hour' contract, to annual service contracts that suit every size of business. We cover simple small office to large enterprise Windows Server environments with Exchange.

We've handled the IT needs for many customers in the Manchester and surrounding area -- as well as other areas of the UK. With our reasonable on-demand contracts you wouldn't be surprised to hear that most issues are handled within a few hours, as many of our happy customers praise us for on a daily basis.





Designing and implementing a complete website, including the graphic design, page layout and content.

Web Development: If a client requires an interactive site that doesn’t match with existing standard scripts a bespoke web application will have to be developed.


Ensuring the prompt updating of website content and technology for continued accuracy and security.


Marketing your products or services online involves a wide range of techniques. There isn’t any single simple way to achieve good online sales. Its about getting a lot of fine details just-right. Listed below are some of the main areas in which we help our clients.


Obviously, it’s crucial to get your web site right - first and foremost because this is where you do your online selling. You have to be able to convert the maximum number of visitors into customers. The way your site is constructed (not just how it looks) also affects the number of visitors you’re likely to get from search engines.


As the saying goes - "you’ve got to be in it, to win it". However, getting into search engines isn’t, as some will try to convince you, about paying for repeated automated submissions.

Pay-per-click marketing - This is an important form of online marketing and used properly can produce big profits. However, many people are actually losing money on their PPC campaigns (and they don’t even know it).


The importance of getting incoming links to your site cannot be overstated. It both generates additional direct traffic and improves your position in search results.


"You can’t control what you can’t measure." Web analytics is about measuring in order to control your marketing and ensure success.




The Qepos E-Commerce option works with the comprehensive, fully-integrated Qepos Point of Sale Software to give you an affordable e-commerce solution that can have you selling your products on the Internet quickly and securely. For expeditious order fulfillment cycles and instant information-flow, Qepos E-Commerce integrates with the Qepos point of sale back-office functionality in real-time.

Some of its cutting-edge capabilities that put it right up there with million-Dollar e-commerce sites like or include real-time, secure credit card processing with fraud protection, advanced shopping cart features and item matrix, order status & shipment tracking.